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SERVPRO Provides Water Damage Restoration on Staten Island

6/6/2024 (Permalink)

Image of green SERVPRO dehumidifier. SERVPRO of Staten Island is always here to help you with your water needs. 24/7. We're Faster to any size disaster™

Staten Island Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services by SERVPRO® 

Staten Island is one of five boroughs comprising New York City. While it has the lowest population of the five boroughs, it has the largest land mass. There are extensive urban areas, parkland, and business areas throughout the borough. Water leaks from old plumbing, overflowing sinks and bathtubs, and back-ups in drains are common issues for many residents. 

Water damage restoration on Staten Island should be immediately addressed to avoid further damage from standing water soaking into porous materials. SERVPRO can be onsite within four hours of your call to our office. We immediately assess the situation and focus on mitigating further damage from water and contaminants.  

Our SERVPRO team follows an experience-proven process that minimizes and controls further damage to the contents and the structure of the building, leading to complete water damage restoration of your home “Like it never even happened.” 

  • Inspect and assess the water damage 
  • Remove and protect contents from additional exposure to water and moisture 
  • Remove standing water and extract water from porous materials, e.g., carpets, hardwood floors, etc. 
  • Begin dehumidification and drying of the affected space and contents 
  • All surfaces are cleaned and disinfected 
  • Restoration may include drywall repair, flooring replacement, and structural repairs as needed. 
  • We work closely with your insurance company to manage and document all claims 

SERVPRO manages large restoration projects involving all of the required trades. Significant damage in older buildings may involve specialized skilled tradespeople to remove mold infestations or asbestos insulation. Structural improvements to meet current building code guidelines, including building permits, are often required in these situations. We can help with these situations and provide expert advice regarding the best approach. 

Call for help with water damage cleanup, restoration, and repairs at SERVPRO of Northern Staten Island and nearby areas. Call (718) 750-9455

Commercial Water Removal and Cleanup in Staten Island

3/31/2024 (Permalink)

a flooded supply room with water covering the floor If your business is in need of water removal, contact SERVPRO as soon as possible. Call 24/7 for certified technicians and equipment.

SERVPRO Provides Emergency Commercial Water Cleanup Help in Staten Island

Whenever there is storm damage, commercial operations often come to a stop in your Staten Island business. Your customers must vacate the property, your employees cannot continue with their regular duties, and revenue comes to a standstill. The faster you can make repairs, remove water, and clean up the affected areas, the quicker you can return to normal operations.

SERVPRO® can help with emergency commercial water removal at your Staten Island business and cleanup and drying of your business space, including its contents. We understand how important it is to be back in business quickly. That's why we are onsite in less than four hours, 24/7, after your call, with technicians and the equipment to rectify your emergency. We also provide board-up services and tarps to prevent further damage from nature's elements.

SERVPRO follows a standard industry-approved process. We adapt these processes to every unique situation to provide fast service, mitigate further damage, and return your business to normal operations as soon as possible. 

  • Assess structural integrity, occupant safety, and immediate needs to protect the building and contents 
  • Board-up services, including protection of broken doors, windows, and roof or siding punctures 
  • Removal of debris from affected rooms 
  • Extraction of water utilizing high-capacity pumps, floor, wall, and ceiling water extractors 
  • Removal of damaged contents and structures that cannot be cleaned or repaired 
  • Cleaning and decontamination of all surfaces and contents 
  • Arrange building services to complete repairs and restoration of your commercial building 

We can assist with a full range of building repair and restoration services, including general contracting, drywall, electrical, HVAC, flooring, plumbing, roof repairs, installation, and restoration. We also work closely with your insurer to coordinate the claim process. These services help our clients focus on quickly returning their commercial business to normal operations. 

Call for help with commercial water removal and cleanup from SERVPRO of Northern Staten Island and nearby areas. Call (718) 750-9455.

Trust SERVPRO for Mold Remediation in Staten Island 

2/6/2024 (Permalink)

SERVPRO tech wearing protective covering while treating mold in a home with the caption:HOW SHOULD YOU DEAL WITH MOLD DAMAGE If you discover mold in your Northern Staten Island home, call SERVPRO! We're Here to Help®.

Mold Remediation in Staten Island Demands Skill

Mold is a troublesome problem that many property owners face. It can ruin your property. When you notice a mold infestation, performing thorough and prompt restoration is vital to prevent further damage and mitigate its effects.

You can trust SERVPRO® to perform mold remediation in your Staten Island residence. Mold remediation is a meticulous process that requires attention to detail. Our technicians can help you safeguard your home and save money as well as time. Our remediation process includes several steps, namely:

  • Assessment
  • Containment 
  • Water damage remediation 
  • Mold clean-up
  • Air filtration 
  • Repairs and restoration

One of the initial steps that our SERVPRO technicians can take is to perform a comprehensive assessment and inspection to identify all the areas with mold growth, including hidden spaces. We can use a borescope to look out for damage in areas that are hard to reach without compromising the structure of a building. A borescope is a digital camera attached to snake-style tubing. With the camera, we can check for damage under cabinets, behind closed walls, under stairwells, and in HVAC ductwork, among other hard-to-get places. Our inspection process enables us to identify the kind of mold present and the extent of contamination. 

Mold spores can spread to uncontaminated areas during remediation. To prevent this, our SERVPRO technicians can use negative air pressure machines and plastic sheeting to create a controlled environment. The containment isolates the affected zones, prevents cross-contamination, and makes the remediation process more manageable. 

Mold grows well in damp environments. Therefore, addressing the underlying cause of moisture is essential. We can eliminate moisture and dry the affected areas using air-moving and dehumidifying equipment so that mold does not reoccur after remediation. 

Our SERVPRO team can also clean non-porous materials like metal and glass to eliminate mold. We can remove and discard porous materials like carpet and drywall. We use specialized cleaning techniques and agents to clean and sanitize affected areas. After eliminating mold, the affected areas may need repairs and restoration. This step may include replacing ruined flooring, insulation, drywall, and other building materials. 

SERVPRO of Northern Staten Island is ready to perform mold remediation in your residence.Our helpline is (718) 750-9455.We’re Here to Help®.

SERVPRO Provides High-Capacity Water Removal in Staten Island

12/2/2023 (Permalink)

2 story water in house, drying mates and devices wroking SERVPRO's top-notch equipment like these drying mats mitigate water damage to Staten Island homes. Here to Help®

Need Help with Water Removal and Cleanup in Staten Island – Call SERVPRO®

Water leaking into your home from broken windows, ruptured plumbing, or overflowing sinks can cause immeasurable damage to your Staten Island home. When water remains in place for extended periods, additional damage is done to porous materials, causing them to swell and lose structural integrity. Failure to properly dry your home after a water leak can also lead to a severe mold infestation.

That’s why SERVPRO is prepared to respond 24/7 within four hours of your call to help with water removal, cleanup, and drying in your Staten Island home. High-capacity truck-mounted pumps are deployed, and water extractors for carpets, hardwood floors, dehumidifiers, and air movers are utilized. We aim to remove all excess water and begin drying your home as quickly as possible to mitigate further water damage.

SERVPRO also uses moisture meters to check in crevices and inside walls to confirm these spaces are dry and do not need treatment. We utilize an experience-tested process to ensure your home is returned to you “Like it never even happened.”

  • Assess water damage and determine equipment and technical requirements
  • Extract water from all areas of your home
  • Begin drying activity with dehumidifiers and air movers
  • Clean and sanitize the structure and contents of your home
  • Complete water damage restoration, repairs, replacement of carpets, etc., as needed 

Our team checks for water and moisture inside walls and in small crevices. Ignoring these areas can lead to the formation of mold, which can spread quickly if water removal is not completed correctly. Moisture meters and water extraction wands are used to identify and complete water removal. We use devices designed to blow dry air into these spaces, absorbing all remaining moisture and drying the area.

Call the water removal experts at SERVPRO of Northern Staten Island and nearby areas for assistance. We are Here to Help® 24/7. Call (718) 750-9455.

Staten Island Basement Flood Damage Cleanup and Recovery

11/29/2023 (Permalink)

House surrounded by flooded standing water with the caption: 24/7 FLOODING CLEANUP SERVICE. If your Staten Island home suffers from flood damage, call SERVPRO. We're Faster to any size disaster™.

The Focus of Early Flood Cleanup in Your Basement

Flooded basements are no joke. The last thing you want is to see all your precious belongings or finished living space ruined by the intruding water. Our skilled SERVPRO® restorers understand this well, and they will work tirelessly to find solutions for:

  • Pooling water
  • Bacteria and contaminants
  • Destroyed building materials
  • Wet personal belongings

Addressing the Standing Water 

When tackling flood damage in Staten Island basements, finding a suitable extractor is crucial. The key is to consider the depth of the damage - if the water is too shallow, some extractors might not do the job correctly. That's where our range of submersible pumps and wet vacuums come in. 

Overcoming Debris in the Water

It is crucial to choose an extractor that can handle debris without causing any damage to the pumps. Luckily, our truck-mount extractors and submersible trash pumps are up to the task and are perfect for removing any standing floodwater.

When Contaminants Are Suspected 

Floodwater is considered a blackwater loss event, which is as severe as it sounds. It is basically like dealing with hazardous sewer backup. Our inventory includes powerful disinfection products that work wonders on non-porous building materials like concrete floors. 

Drying the Basement Fully

Our experienced professionals can access various drying tools to complete the job. The placement and frequencies of devices like air movers and dehumidifiers play a crucial role in the drying process. To speed things up even more, we use portable heaters to increase the temperature of drying surface materials, promoting faster evaporation.

It is crucial to start removing the water and cleaning up this lower level of the house as soon as possible after flooding. Our team at SERVPRO of Northern Staten Island is prepared to assist you whenever needed. Please call us today at (718) 750-9455.

We're Here When Staten Island Homes Need Fire Damage Restoration

11/29/2023 (Permalink)

Fire and soot damage in a kitchen. If your Staten Island home experiences fire damage, call SERVPRO. We'll make it “Like it never even happened.”

Our Skilled Fire Damage Restoration Team Is Ready

The constant reminders that a fire happened inside your Staten Island home can come from the visual impact that smoke and ash leave behind or the intense odors that never seem to disappear. Fire damage is more than ugly and re-traumatizing – it's also capable of causing unwanted health effects.

SERVPRO’s highly trained and qualified technicians perform the complicated work of making homes with fire damage in Staten Island "Like it never even happened." We want to erase those reminders and re-create a safe, healthy interior environment for you and your loved ones.

House fires change a residence in different ways. Here are a few of those and what SERVPRO® does to remedy the situation for our customers:

  • Physical left-overs,
  • Structural changes and
  • Alterations to the interior atmosphere.

Smoke contains solid particles (ash, soot, and liquid chemical compounds). Harsh and abrasive, the silkiness of ash is deceiving. We use specialized tools to remove ash from surfaces and the air. Cleaning up deposits caused by once-suspended smoke takes time. To counter this, we use custom-built chambers with negative air pressure systems to eliminate additional deposits from happening.

Walls and ceilings can burn when exposed to flame. High heat alone can cause some paints to blister and change colors. We remove these portions and replace the materials with newly cut pieces. Then, we repaint the entire area. Some homeowners prefer wallpaper or paneling, and we are happy to install either.

After our restoration work, your home's ambiance is crucial. Please feel at home because we know this isn't possible in an environment that smells offensive. More humid conditions can also develop, and SERVPRO's experts know how to alleviate the cause of both unwanted situations.

There's no reason to tolerate the post-fire conditions of your home. Families know they can rely on SERVPRO of Northern Staten Island to be nearby and always fast to arrive when called at (718) 750-9455.

Three Water Damage Repairs for Leaks in Staten Island Offices

5/4/2023 (Permalink)

Damage being treated Contact SERVPRO to effectively tackle the water damage in your property. Call now!

What Water Damage Repair Is Expected?

Water damages are the most common threat office buildings can experience. Because of how structurally compromising moisture damage can be, repairs are often necessary to restore production and business.

Bulk Material and Debris Removal 

Before much of the other water damage repair in your Staten Island office can occur, we must assess how compromised the structure has become. Controlled demolition is an early step to pave the way for the other repairs and services needed. Bulk material removal can include:

  • Ceiling Tile – Drop ceilings are standard in office buildings and can rapidly be overwhelmed by leaks. Wet tiles are low-cost and easily replaced, so they are often discarded.

  • Drywall – Wet drywall is a breeding ground for mold and microbial threats. When drying is not possible, we remove saturated drywall panels.

  • Debris and Buildup – Loose debris and buildup on the flooring can be a hazard for those using the office still during the cleanup, so removal is a top priority.

Plumbing and Fixture Repairs 

The plumbing and piping throughout the structure are compromised in some way if there are leaks and sprays causing water damage. Finding these damaged network portions is critical so our team can replace the ruined pipe. Often identifying plumbing damage is easy once the controlled demolition has occurred.

Replacing Removed Materials 

One of the final steps for our repair specialists is replacing the missing components of the office building. For example, if we removed wet drywall, we would bring in new panels to replace these missing portions. Likewise, if our crew pulled up carpeting exposed to standing water, we could lay down new flooring materials to match what we removed or be more water-resistant for future issues.

Our experts might need many ways to repair and rebuild your damaged office building after leaks and water exposure. With professionals ready to respond 24/7, SERVPRO of Northern Staten Island is a trusted choice in build-back services. Call us at (718) 750-9455.

SERVPRO Approaches to Water Damage in Staten Island Homes

4/7/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee hand holding the top of a water extraction tool Rapid water extraction can mitigate the damage to Staten Island homes. SERVPRO says We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Our Quick Response to Water Damage

Water damage incidents can occur without warning, from a burst pipe to a broken hose from a water-fed appliance in your kitchen or laundry room. These disasters rapidly spread through a structure, impacting multiple rooms of your home and creating a threatening situation opposing threats of structural deterioration, mold development, and other concerns.

  • Drying
  • Extraction
  • Content cleanup
  • Repairs and rebuilding
  • Removing odors

The Phases and Focuses of Water Damage Recovery

Professional cleanup of water damage in Staten Island homes and businesses involves several phases and stages. Our prompt response to emergencies allows us to begin needed emergency services as soon as we arrive. Some of our professionals' first actions include managing damaged contents and personal belongings, relocating them to a safe space, or providing a staging area for cleaning these items on-site. We can thoroughly inspect your household to determine the most efficient restoration and recovery solutions to get life back to normal.

Water Removal Services

When our technicians arrive at a home with standing water, the most urgent priority is removing this pooling water and assessing the damage to the materials impacted. Our inventory has multiple extraction tools and equipment, ranging from powerful truck-mounted extractors to smaller, more manageable submersible pumps and wet vacuums.

Thorough and Quick Drying

Drying is a universal need for damaged homes. Water can quickly migrate into building materials and structural cavities, making efficient drying practices critical in the recovery of your home. Certain tools are vital in this effort:

  • Centrifugal Air Movers

Airflow is necessary to ventilate a moist area of the house and allow for surface evaporation of wet materials. Centrifugal air movers are among the most commonly used tools for this purpose.

  • Portable Heaters

One of the drying principles is managing and adjusting the temperature of the affected space. Portable heaters can introduce warmer temperatures that promote more efficient evaporation.

  • Moisture Management

Another vital element of effective drying is our use of dehumidifiers and other moisture management tools. Humidity is a significant concern when regulating water damage; these tools collect moisture from the environment for removal.

  • Drying Mats

Special drying equipment like mats is needed to manage moisture and water trapped in surfaces like wood plank flooring. We set these units up to pull water up from the subflooring before molecules bond with the cellulose of the wood and distort the installed planks permanently.

Preventing the Threat of Mold

Water damage often leads to other threats and risks to your structure and well-being, such as mold growth. We have effective means of cleaning up these colonies and protecting the hosting material from permanent ruin when possible. Our remediation is a multi-faceted approach at the tail of our water restoration efforts:

  • Sporicidal Agents – Our team uses proprietary products to eliminate mold spores on surfaces and provide a protective coating against future colonization.
  • Managing Moisture – Depending on the materials affected, we might recommend more permanent moisture management in the form of sump pumps, dehumidifiers, or other solutions.
  • Inhibiting Long-Term Growth – Stopping recurring mold is another key to effectively managing this post-water damage threat. Through repairs and inhibiting products, we can stall new growth.

There is little time to waste when contending with water damage threats to your home or business. Thousands of water damage claims occur every year, making the prompt response of SERVPRO of Northern Staten Island critical to protect what matters most to homeowners. We are ready 24/7 with experienced technicians and state-of-the-art equipment and products. Call us at (718) 750-9455.

Cleaning and Restoring Fire Damage in Staten Island Homes

4/7/2023 (Permalink)

Severely fire damaged living room with the caption “Faster to any size disaster” We're Faster To Any Size Disaster so that we can limit the fire damage to our Staten Island neighbors' homes.

The Full Spectrum of Fire Damage Recovery

After a fire damages your home, there is more to recovering this impact on your property than removing the surface damage you can see. It is essential to begin emergency services as soon as possible, which makes our 24/7 availability critical in fire recovery efforts. Once extinguishment completes, we can work directly with you to prioritize specific services that protect your home and what you value most. Some of these early services will include:

  • Debris cleanup
  • Water removal
  • Air filtration
  • Emergency repairs
  • Content cleaning and relocation

Because there are many levels of cleaning fire damage in Staten Island homes, you may believe that multiple contractors or experienced professionals are necessary. The knowledge and expertise of the certified technicians on our roster help with each aspect of this complicated and intricate recovery.

The Mitigation Your Home Needs

The most critical element of the restoration service we provide for homes after fires are meant to mitigate loss. Fires rapidly spread through a structure, impacting hundreds of surfaces and contents. Mitigation is intended to keep this situation from worsening while restoration begins. Two key elements of this phase of restoration are debris removal, which can help to lessen soot concentrations and offensive malodors, and removing water used in the extinguishment process that might cause greater harm.

Trusted for Insurance Recovery Work

You are unlikely to face fire damage in your home without involving your insurance provider. This adjuster will need to work with our restoration team to set their expectations and approve a damage claim based on our estimations and recovery plan. Our professionals provide key services to help:

  • Claims Inventory – This service is meant to catalog the condition of contents in harm’s way. We determine the salvageability of personal belongings and document when materials and items cannot be restored.
  • Estimation – Our professionals create a detailed plan noting the hours involved, equipment necessary, and expected completion. This documentation expedites the damage claim approval process.
  • Restoration Plan – We create a custom restoration plan based on your property and its needs. We continually communicate with the insurance adjuster and the customer to keep everyone informed about progress and changing conditions.

The Truth About Soot

One of the first recognizable signs of damage after a fire will be several surfaces and contents coated with a black residue. Partial combustion creates soot, a carcinogenic product that becomes a formidable obstacle in fire restoration. We have multiple solutions for removing surface deposits, ranging from solvents and detergents to more complex abrasive cleaning. Our decision in these tactics varies based on the type of smoke damage present, such as:

  • Wet Smoke
  • Dry Smoke
  • Grease Residues

Deodorizing Products That Can Help

The burning of materials also creates another challenging hurdle for post fire cleanup. Offensive smells impact more than the open air in the spaces most heavily damaged by burning. The gaseous form of smoke during the spread of the fire allows these odors to penetrate porous materials, requiring similar deodorization practices to neutralize and address. We have multiple odor removal approaches ranging from fogging to oxidation.

The Repairs a Home Might Need

Your home may face few fire damage incidents that do not require repairs or reconstruction. With a general contractor license, our professionals can manage these needs as they arise. From early controlled demolition to reach damaged areas or prevent structure collapse to replacing removed materials at the end of the restoration period, we have a team of contracting specialists ready to help.

Experience fire damage restoration is only a phone call away. Reach out to our trusted SERVPRO of Northern Staten Island team today at (718) 750-9455.

Early Steps for Mold Damage Remediation in Staten Island Homes

4/7/2023 (Permalink)

an employee using a moisture meter to test a mold damaged wall Call SERVPRO to inspect for and remediate mold in your Staten Island Dwelling. "Like it never even happened."

Our Remediation Team Helps After Mold Damage

Mold accounts for a large percentage of Damage claims for residences every year. The discovery of mold in your home can be alarming and overwhelming, especially when you are unsure how widespread this threat has become. Worse still, many homeowners may need to recognize a developing issue that might warrant contacting professional remediation companies like ours to help.

 Mold damage in your Staten Island home is more likely than you might believe. Any prolonged moisture exposure to organic building materials and contents can create favorable conditions for microbial growth. In many cases, the discovery of mold occurs after the Organism has spread through many building materials out of sight.

Some signs can help you diagnose when SERVPRO remediation specialists get involved:

  • Recurring Moisture – Are you dealing with moisture or damp spots that linger for prolonged periods? Wet materials are attractive to mold colonies and could be a sign of an issue even if you have not yet seen mold growth.
  • Irregular Spots on Surfaces – When colonies form, you can sometimes see the initial growth forming as spots on the material. These can be a variety of colors and shapes, so any discoloration or splotches should be treated with caution.
  • Musty Smells – Sometimes you will notice a developing mold colony by its smell. Active growth emits strong, musty odors that can spread farther than the colony. The scent of mold can be a powerful precursor to rapidly spreading damage.
  • Deteriorating Materials – Keep an eye on materials in mold-prone areas of the house. Even growth in wall cavities ultimately shows on the surface through material degradation and crumbling.

Our Remediation Process

Remediation is a combination of several actions. We must first work to contain the damaged areas to prevent spores from spreading through pathways like the HVAC system or structural openings. Constructing physical barriers is the most effective method of preventing this movement.

Multiple approaches are suitable when it comes to removing the mold damage found in your house. Depending on the severity and materials affected, we begin by cleaning the surface where possible to preserve and salvage the hosting material. More aggressive remediation tactics are sometimes necessary, including sanding and dry ice blasting.

  • Managing the Moisture Threat – It is imperative to address the underlying cause of mold damage, which is the presence of moisture. We resolve structural vulnerabilities or install proper ventilation in rooms that have become mold-prone.
  • Addressing Foul Odors – We must address harsh smells created by active mold colonies. Even after the mold is removed, these smells will persist. We use multiple deodorization practices to address these concerns, from fogging to hydroxyl generators.
  • Rebuilding the Damage – Our experienced team can also begin rebuilding and reconstructing any removed portions of drywall and building materials affected by mold.

Once the Mold Damage Gets Removed

Even with the initial mold threat resolved, more action is needed to protect your property in the future. Many of the surface cleaning solutions we apply can act as inhibiting barriers to stall microbial production. Additional safeguards, such as mold-resistant paint, may be applicable during repairs or reconstruction.

You do not have to deal with mold damage for long. We have experienced remediators ready to help when you discover colonies forming in your house. SERVPRO of Northern Staten Island can help with every facet of recovery and cleanup, from removal to repair. Call us when you suspect mold for a professional inspection at (718) 750-9455.