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Commercial Water Removal and Cleanup in Staten Island

3/31/2024 (Permalink)

a flooded supply room with water covering the floor If your business is in need of water removal, contact SERVPRO as soon as possible. Call 24/7 for certified technicians and equipment.

SERVPRO Provides Emergency Commercial Water Cleanup Help in Staten Island

Whenever there is storm damage, commercial operations often come to a stop in your Staten Island business. Your customers must vacate the property, your employees cannot continue with their regular duties, and revenue comes to a standstill. The faster you can make repairs, remove water, and clean up the affected areas, the quicker you can return to normal operations.

SERVPRO® can help with emergency commercial water removal at your Staten Island business and cleanup and drying of your business space, including its contents. We understand how important it is to be back in business quickly. That's why we are onsite in less than four hours, 24/7, after your call, with technicians and the equipment to rectify your emergency. We also provide board-up services and tarps to prevent further damage from nature's elements.

SERVPRO follows a standard industry-approved process. We adapt these processes to every unique situation to provide fast service, mitigate further damage, and return your business to normal operations as soon as possible. 

  • Assess structural integrity, occupant safety, and immediate needs to protect the building and contents 
  • Board-up services, including protection of broken doors, windows, and roof or siding punctures 
  • Removal of debris from affected rooms 
  • Extraction of water utilizing high-capacity pumps, floor, wall, and ceiling water extractors 
  • Removal of damaged contents and structures that cannot be cleaned or repaired 
  • Cleaning and decontamination of all surfaces and contents 
  • Arrange building services to complete repairs and restoration of your commercial building 

We can assist with a full range of building repair and restoration services, including general contracting, drywall, electrical, HVAC, flooring, plumbing, roof repairs, installation, and restoration. We also work closely with your insurer to coordinate the claim process. These services help our clients focus on quickly returning their commercial business to normal operations. 

Call for help with commercial water removal and cleanup from SERVPRO of Northern Staten Island and nearby areas. Call (718) 750-9455.

Three Water Damage Repairs for Leaks in Staten Island Offices

5/4/2023 (Permalink)

Damage being treated Contact SERVPRO to effectively tackle the water damage in your property. Call now!

What Water Damage Repair Is Expected?

Water damages are the most common threat office buildings can experience. Because of how structurally compromising moisture damage can be, repairs are often necessary to restore production and business.

Bulk Material and Debris Removal 

Before much of the other water damage repair in your Staten Island office can occur, we must assess how compromised the structure has become. Controlled demolition is an early step to pave the way for the other repairs and services needed. Bulk material removal can include:

  • Ceiling Tile – Drop ceilings are standard in office buildings and can rapidly be overwhelmed by leaks. Wet tiles are low-cost and easily replaced, so they are often discarded.

  • Drywall – Wet drywall is a breeding ground for mold and microbial threats. When drying is not possible, we remove saturated drywall panels.

  • Debris and Buildup – Loose debris and buildup on the flooring can be a hazard for those using the office still during the cleanup, so removal is a top priority.

Plumbing and Fixture Repairs 

The plumbing and piping throughout the structure are compromised in some way if there are leaks and sprays causing water damage. Finding these damaged network portions is critical so our team can replace the ruined pipe. Often identifying plumbing damage is easy once the controlled demolition has occurred.

Replacing Removed Materials 

One of the final steps for our repair specialists is replacing the missing components of the office building. For example, if we removed wet drywall, we would bring in new panels to replace these missing portions. Likewise, if our crew pulled up carpeting exposed to standing water, we could lay down new flooring materials to match what we removed or be more water-resistant for future issues.

Our experts might need many ways to repair and rebuild your damaged office building after leaks and water exposure. With professionals ready to respond 24/7, SERVPRO of Northern Staten Island is a trusted choice in build-back services. Call us at (718) 750-9455.