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Early Steps for Mold Damage Remediation in Staten Island Homes

4/7/2023 (Permalink)

an employee using a moisture meter to test a mold damaged wall Call SERVPRO to inspect for and remediate mold in your Staten Island Dwelling. "Like it never even happened."

Our Remediation Team Helps After Mold Damage

Mold accounts for a large percentage of Damage claims for residences every year. The discovery of mold in your home can be alarming and overwhelming, especially when you are unsure how widespread this threat has become. Worse still, many homeowners may need to recognize a developing issue that might warrant contacting professional remediation companies like ours to help.

 Mold damage in your Staten Island home is more likely than you might believe. Any prolonged moisture exposure to organic building materials and contents can create favorable conditions for microbial growth. In many cases, the discovery of mold occurs after the Organism has spread through many building materials out of sight.

Some signs can help you diagnose when SERVPRO remediation specialists get involved:

  • Recurring Moisture – Are you dealing with moisture or damp spots that linger for prolonged periods? Wet materials are attractive to mold colonies and could be a sign of an issue even if you have not yet seen mold growth.
  • Irregular Spots on Surfaces – When colonies form, you can sometimes see the initial growth forming as spots on the material. These can be a variety of colors and shapes, so any discoloration or splotches should be treated with caution.
  • Musty Smells – Sometimes you will notice a developing mold colony by its smell. Active growth emits strong, musty odors that can spread farther than the colony. The scent of mold can be a powerful precursor to rapidly spreading damage.
  • Deteriorating Materials – Keep an eye on materials in mold-prone areas of the house. Even growth in wall cavities ultimately shows on the surface through material degradation and crumbling.

Our Remediation Process

Remediation is a combination of several actions. We must first work to contain the damaged areas to prevent spores from spreading through pathways like the HVAC system or structural openings. Constructing physical barriers is the most effective method of preventing this movement.

Multiple approaches are suitable when it comes to removing the mold damage found in your house. Depending on the severity and materials affected, we begin by cleaning the surface where possible to preserve and salvage the hosting material. More aggressive remediation tactics are sometimes necessary, including sanding and dry ice blasting.

  • Managing the Moisture Threat – It is imperative to address the underlying cause of mold damage, which is the presence of moisture. We resolve structural vulnerabilities or install proper ventilation in rooms that have become mold-prone.
  • Addressing Foul Odors – We must address harsh smells created by active mold colonies. Even after the mold is removed, these smells will persist. We use multiple deodorization practices to address these concerns, from fogging to hydroxyl generators.
  • Rebuilding the Damage – Our experienced team can also begin rebuilding and reconstructing any removed portions of drywall and building materials affected by mold.

Once the Mold Damage Gets Removed

Even with the initial mold threat resolved, more action is needed to protect your property in the future. Many of the surface cleaning solutions we apply can act as inhibiting barriers to stall microbial production. Additional safeguards, such as mold-resistant paint, may be applicable during repairs or reconstruction.

You do not have to deal with mold damage for long. We have experienced remediators ready to help when you discover colonies forming in your house. SERVPRO of Northern Staten Island can help with every facet of recovery and cleanup, from removal to repair. Call us when you suspect mold for a professional inspection at (718) 750-9455.